Delicious dinner.

Deep conversations.

New connections.


Does it get any better than this?


Triibe :: Dine

A new way to feast.




Meals have long been a social affair, a place where we can feed our bodies and our relationships in a luxurious unfolding of the senses.


What would it be like to show up to a dinner as a stranger, and depart connected, nourished and satiated in both belly and heart?


Our Dine events are created to normalise authentic communication, to take the practice of getting really good at relating to others and bring it into a context that we all do pretty much every day.




This night's theme is:



See and be seen, in the ways you most want to be known.



What to expect:

* Facilitated practices to drop you in pre-dinner

* Delicious snacks, dinner and desert with gentle conversational prompts

* Awesome new people to meet and get to know in a relaxed yet meaningful way

* Integration practices to help you take the experience out into the rest of your life


About your facilitators:

Prem Kalpa
Prem is a powerhouse, centred and grounded, she knows how to keep shit real.
Like tectonic plates shifting she will take you off balance, yet don't worry... she knows how to catch you too.

Khali Young
Khali is a sexy geek. Filled with burning passion, he breathes fires of transformation and smoke of expansion.
The force of his love dispels illusions and warms the spirit. 

Damien Bohler
Damien is like the wind. Adaptable, unpredictable, untamable... and with the power to blow your fucking house down.
Also good for flying kites.