our invitation

is for you

to discover your deepest authentic voice
and embody wholeness

authenticity is a practice of awareness to embody the wholeness of ourselves

As we connect intimately with our inner life and listen to the wisdom of the body, we learn to deepen our intimacy with others and speak our true voices in the world.

to be with what Is

is a radical acceptance of our present moment experience

By being with what is, we allow the truth of each moment to arise. As we embrace what we avoid and lean into our fears we discover the true power and perfection of our existence, including our desire to change it.

to develop skilful means

cultivates our language skills, clarity and discernment toward the warmth of compassionate wisdom

As we practice being with another exactly as they are, we learn to embrace the wholeness of human experience in all forms.

As we open to being with the world exactly as it is, the wisdom of compassion arises.

to be seen

is to practice trusting the beauty of our innate power and vulnerability

As we allow ourselves to be truly seen, we learn the power of vulnerability and develop the confidence to share and show up in our true purpose, in dedication to the benefit of all beings.