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4 weekly classes + 1 practice weekend



"At the heart of all relationships is the art of relating"

By engaging the communities that uplift us, and cultivating relationships that fulfill us, our lives cannot help but be inspired...

Create foundations for...


Are your relationships as fulfilling as you imagine they could be? Have you been working on relationships for ages, and still feel stuck? Do you believe more is possible?

Foundations gives you:

  • skills to communicate more effectively
  • tools to navigate conflict so that it increases connection
  • understanding on how to create deeper intimacy
  • the confidence to express your needs gracefully

Communities are entirely built upon relationships.

Foundations gives you practices to co-create deep, meaningful and intuitively playful spaces for us to gather.

Supportive, inspiring and transformative communities are not only possible, they can become the natural way you live our lives.

We help you grow your capacity to create resilient, enriching relationships and communities that thrive.

Our lives are as beautiful as how much we are willing to show up, live vulnerably, and powerfully, open ourselves to the world and become the author of our own life.


4 Online Classes + Practice Weekend

Sept 12th - Oct 7th


4 Sydney Classes + Practice Weekend

Sept 13th - Oct 13th

We all find ourselves struggling at times in our relationships...

Is any of this true for you?

  • I avoid conflict and strive to please people

  • I'm unable to identify and express personal needs and desires

  • I have reactive temper tantrums when I don’t get my way

  • I'm consistently triggered by the people closest to me

  • I give ‘silent treatment’ to people I love when they do something that hurts

  • I repress my anger and build up resentment toward others

  • I struggle to receive constructive feedback without getting defensive

  • I settle for much less intimacy in my relationships than I actually want

  • I feel shy or socially awkward around others, not knowing what to say

  • I feel like I always need to impress or be on my best behaviour

  • I often get bored by people

Why attend this course?

Relationships and connecting with other people is an essential aspect of human life. It is what creates the most fun, meaningful, memorable and also potentially uncomfortable experiences.

Humans are interdependent beings, we need each other!

The art of relating is not typically taught or modeled in a healthy way. As such most of us have grown up stumbling through our life with pretty unhealthy and dysfunctional patterns of relating.

Foundations looks deeply into the inner workings of relating and provides a healthy orientation toward yourself and others, improving your communication skill, capacity for deep awareness of yourself and others.


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What you will learn in this course...

This course introduces and teaches a powerful relational practice called ‘Circling’ that provides a container to continue to practice, grow and expand these relational skills, and also to provide the possibility of taking the potential of connection and intimacy much much further.

Through undergoing Foundations you will learn to:

  • Develop deep embodied presence

  • Discover the power of vulnerability

  • Own your experience in a way that obliterates shame

  • Notice and communicate subtle sensations that enhance intimacy

  • Ask for what you want in a way that creates more juicy interactions

  • Use curiosity as an inner compass to lead conversations to ever deeper levels

  • Show up more fully as YOU in your life and relationships

  • Navigate conflict with grace

  • Transform your triggers into growth and connection

  • Hold strong yet adaptable boundaries so both your Yes and your No are solid and clear

  • Practice playful spontaneity in shared spaces

  • And much more...

Course Structure

Module 1 :: Embodiment

Deepen into an inner experience of being in a body. Become increasingly grounded and powerful through embodied presence. Speak and listen from presence.

Module 2 :: Vulnerability

Develop an ecstatic comfort with vulnerability. How being able to both show up in vulnerability, and welcome others out in their vulnerability, leads to amazing levels of connection. How to use language to convey the subtleties of the inner experience.

Module 3 :: Self-Authorship

Discover dignity in the face of life’s challenges. How to remain upright in conflict and feedback. What it means to own our experience. How to articulate desires clearly and with unapologetic impact.

Module 4 :: Skillful Projection

Strongly differentiate self from other and maintain healthy boundaries. Develop empathy and projected imagination to have others feel ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ in connection. How being willing to be wrong can create so much more depth in relating.

Module 5 :: Inquiry

Use the power of fascination and wonder to guide conversations into co-discovery. Never be bored or lost for words again! Make every interaction meaningful.

Module 6 :: Circling Fundamentals

Setting up the Circling container. Basics of the practice. What the practice develops. How Circling works. Training Circles.

Module 7 :: Playful Spontaneity

Co-create shared spaces to practice all these new tools and skills. Enter into playful spontaneity as the fullness of you shows up to meet the fullness of others in the collective field.

Module 8 :: Integration

How to integrate these foundations for relating into your life. Create functional change without a crash. Key developmental distinctions for an ongoing practice.


Key Dates


Online Classes + Practice weekend in Melbourne

4 x Weekly Wednesday Nights @ 7 - 9PM

12 Sep, 19 Sep, 26 Sep, 3 Oct

+ 2 Day Practice Weekend (non-residential), 5 - 7 Oct 2018

Group B

Sydney Classes + Practice weekend in Sydney

4 x Weekly Thursday Nights @ 7 - 9PM

13 Sep, 20 Sep, 27 Sep, 4 Oct

+ 2 Day Practice Weekend (non-residential), 12 - 14 Oct 2018

course duration


  • The four weekly classes include Modules 1 - 4

  • The two day practice weekend includes Modules 5 - 8

We will be running two groups concurrently for Sydney residents, and Melbourne residents / Australia wide.


  • Introduction to our growing community so you can continue to practice and develop

  • Access to exclusive events such as monthly calls, Circling labs and more

  • Supplementary materials: manual and videos describing the theory, and all future revisions

  • Invitations and discounts to our advanced retreats that build from Foundations

  • Discounts for our forthcoming online courses


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