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Bali Retreat :: April 7-13, 2018


Deepen your embodied experience of Connection, Power & Grace

To be embodied is to land the wisdom of spirit, the intelligence of our mind, the spacious love of our heart, the power of our will, and the fires of our desire… in and through our body into this reality, this life that we are living, today.

The world we live in is an increasingly complex place. Immense joy and immense suffering stand side-by-side. There are dangers in navigating our way through this. The damage to our natural environment is something that can no longer be ignored. The disenfranchised and disempowered are speaking up everywhere. Tolerance for old models of oppression and dominance are vanishing quickly.

There is a call for something new to emerge

In order to meet that call we must be skilled. We must take our place as elegant, mature, powerful and capable beings and trust that who we are and the lives we most want to live are essential pieces of what’s needed for larger change. 

“Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them” - A. Einstein

This pivotal time in history is giving incredible opportunity to those of us who feel open and willing to go deep, to explore the richness of the human experience, to craft amazing generative lives.

We must grow to rise and meet the challenges we face, in our own lives and in that of our culture and society at large

Interpersonal rifts and challenges are a crucible to explore your shadow, embodied presence and creative empowerment. We provide an engine to integrate your whole self, in relationship, in the world as you craft an amazing life that serves the more beautiful world our hearts truly know is possible.

Triibe invites you into a participation with this dance of evolutionary unfolding. Your unique self, your unique viewpoint, your unique skills are needed.

The Triibe team, with decades of collective experience in transformative practice, will weave a shared reality between us. This subtle weaving creates a group field to powerfully land our unique insights and discoveries within. We do this through teaching a directly applicable embodiment of the integral meta-framework and a nuanced, consistent Circling practice.


We create a deep space and personal focus for you to

Practice sharing your deepest self vulnerably

Your vulnerability is the key to your greatest presence and power in the world.

Explore and experiment with the way you show up, and receive real time feedback on your impact so that you can adjust rapidly; discovering more potent ways of being confidently in the world, as you are.

Gently expand your capacity to hold intensity

Being with intensity is the capacity that turns triggers into transformation.

Conflicts that arise during our time together are given the space to alchemise into growth. Daily practices support your nervous system in holding this transformational fire of intensity, softly, without burning out.

Upgrade your communication skills

To be influential in the world requires precise, conscious articulation of language.

Language is a skill set that can be expanded significantly. We teach how to approach communication as a consciousness practice.

Connect with desire as a guiding force for life

Genuine desire is Eros, the creative energy of the universe.

Through inquiry and reflection you will gain clarity on what your authentic desires are. Learning this gives you the fuel that moves you forward into the person you are aching to become and the life you are yearning to live.

Enhance your leadership potential

Leadership is a natural flowing dance at the heart of anything ever created.

We will explore different modes and archetypes of leadership, including masculine and feminine styles, and through that unveil your innate, unique capability to be a powerful leader in any context.


All of this, and more, will become a tangible, ongoing, permanent fixture of your being and not just some ‘workshop high’. This is made possible through our orienting movements of wholeness, integration, embodiment and creative empowerment.


Our toolkit for cultivating connection, power and grace includes

Authentic relating

A powerful language and relational set of tools that provides access to sophisticated ways of interacting with others.


An interpersonal practice that excavates and transmutes our difference of perspectives into powerful insights collectively, such that our individual journeys are shared, witnessed and celebrated by the group.

Integral meta-framework

This framework is a vast, encompassing map that births the potential for potent insight and elegant connectivity between widely different aspects of being. This framework includes: 4 quadrant awareness cultivation, maps of human consciousness, understanding of state changes and archetype work.

Meditation and “being with what Is”

Immersion in the present moment, fiery embrace of radically welcoming everything, exactly as it is. The level of presence we are able to hold in a moment is directly correlated to our ability to be with intensity.

Embodied presence training

Deepening our ability to feel and convey the fullness of who we are moment-by-moment, through our bodies, in a way that is both tangible and impactful.

Shadow work

This work is primarily focused on ‘cleaning up’ the aspects of our being that keep us limited, small and reactive. In order to unleash the fullness of who we are, we need to discover and integrate that which is holding us back. Our shadow is found in the ways we are triggered, deep in our unconscious structures of mind. We use a wide variety of tools to bring these parts into the light of awareness.

for a unique journey in the heart of Bali...

Join us @ our Embody retreat :: 7 - 13 April, 2018 :: Ubud, Bali

Price & inclusions

$1600 AUD - Twin Shared Room ::  OR  :: $2100 AUD - Non Shared Room   

Price includes:

  • 7 days & 6 nights accommodation
  • Infinity salt water swimming pool
  • Daily organic breakfast & lunch
  • All tuition costs

$1000 AUD - Non-Residential (Bali residents)

Price includes:

  • Infinity salt water swimming pool
  • Daily organic lunch
  • All tuition costs

Please register your interest by contacting - we will send through further info and contact you by phone.

If you have any questions about the retreat experience or venue, please contact us on +61 431034956

Limited places. REGISTRATION CLOSES March 9, 2018.

Retreat Facilitators


Tina Goncalves



Khali Young


Damien Bohler


Prem Kalpa